- [ T-206-M ] -

T-206-M type mobile hopper is suitable for receiving fertilizers from trucks. The one-piece design allows only one belt running on the horizontal and inclined part of the hopper, that prevents leaking of the goods.
The standard design is available with plain rubber belts, with a 3.5, 6.5 és 9.5 m long recieving part.
The receiving part is made of stainless steel profiles, in which side walls made of wood or OSB sheets are fastened. These materials increase the machine’s total life cycle.
The loading height of the receiving part is 1000 mm, the unloading height 1500 mm, the weight is 1150 kg with a productivity of 70 t/h.
It is a practical mobile design with adjustable three-level side walls and a towing attachment . Stacker can be used for loading goods into the hopper if required.

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