The company ALEX KFT. is a small enterprise in machine industry, founded in 1991 in Szolnok, in 100 per cent private ownership.
The company gained reputation in Hungary and in the neighbouring regions as a manufacturer and distributor of material transport equipment for grain storage.
Our main scope of business is manufacture of conveyor belts and bucket elevators.

The small company with 20 employees can flexibly meet the challenges of the wide-ranging requirements of material transport in the industry.
Our precise engineering achievements in canning industry, viticulture, wood, construction, paper and chemical industry, etc., are attested by several references. In the recent years we focused strongly on the development of our products, in order to keep up with the world standard and to keep our existing markets.

Our main goal is to extend our exports which requires the development of our manufacturing culture. Our ambition is to make machines that are better than the best, which is a natural ambition of an enterprise that plans for the long run.

Best regards,

Sándor Kiss
Managing Director