Complete installation of special material handling and transportation technologies

We offer the complete development of special materials handling technologies for warehouses from technological design up to putting into operation. We offer our customers both mobile and built-in technologies choosing the optimal solution in consideration of the local conditions. We have delivered our belt-conveyors, bucket conveyors and the PETKUS grain cleaners - distributed by our company - mainly to granary and intervention plants of agricultural companies, however today an increasing demand occurs in bio ethanol- and waste-selecting plants as well. We offer the installation of technological machine lines for loading and unloading ships and railway wagons and filling up of granaries. We offer the mobile materials´ handling technology primarily for plants without drying units and with several granaries, by relocating the mobile machines quick and low-cost storage can be achieved. For plants with drying units and only few high volume granaries we suggest the installation of built-in storing systems.
Please contact us in order to prepare you a custom made offer based on plans or a preliminary site visit.